Day 1

the journey begins

Today is the first day of our new life as students and professors at CSP. I pray that God goes with you, as God did with Abram. I pray that you walk in faith, as did Abram (mostly).
The start of a sudden journey is always confusing, especially when you don’t exactly know where you are going. So it is for us. We have some markers:
  • classes cancelled today
  • classes resume on Monday online
  • dorms and Sodexo close in a week

I have more questions than answers. You likely feel the same way. So let’s keep in touch.

  • I will send you lots of announcements via email
  • I am in my office mostly today
  • I have virtual office hours covering the same period at
  • You may text me at 612-208-2660
  • Check your email often, especially initially.

And let’s not keep our communication to academic matters only. Send me notes, even about little things.

For example, Maddie told me about an impromptu SPRANCE event last night. How I grieve with our music, theatre, and dance students who will lose the opportunity to perform! 
Peace be with all of you as we go to where we do not yet know.
Dr. Schuler