Day 6

The Lord bless you

Existence right now doesn’t seem all that blessed. Shelves are bare across the highway at Target, More and more students are making their way home or to alternative locations. The dorms at CSP close on Friday. We are all trying to navigate the world of digital learning … all with an eye on the progress of the virus, the death count, the new limitations imposed each day.

Still, there are many little blessings.  I got a note that a formed student who is safely back home from Hong Kong. I am getting more notes from current students about safe travels and workable set-ups to study at home (e.g., the Sandcork family has not yet crashed their internet). CSPMinistry is doing virtual chapel daily through Facebook live (

). Prof. Williams got an alternative online for postponed Poehler lecture (see it at

). And I was truly entertained today by a college prof who rewrote Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit “I will survive” as he sang about teaching online in the age of the Coronavirus (


But these incidents are mere moments of relief. The true blessing that sustained Abram on the journey was the promise of God, “I will bless you…” No pre-condition, no requisite requirement, just pure grace. And that is the grace we all need and cherish on the journey.
I pray that in the midst of all of this you experience a number of good moments. (Tell me an=bout them, if you have time.)  But most of all I wish that you hear each day, “The Lord bless you and keep you . . .”
Most cordially,
Dr. Schuler

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