Day 2

Packing up

It is a transition weekend here at Concordia. The place is already very quiet. Students are packing and saying “good bye.” Faculty are frantically prepping for online Monday (at least I am . . . the frantic and scary part). 

But it is the quiet that I notice most. No baseball players with their LOUD music down the hall. The library closed.
We are set on this journey. Like Abram we gather up our possessions, reposition ourselves, and go forward . . . in faith. Faith that God has set us on this path. Faith that God is with us on this journey. Faith that at the end we will be united together again.
Jesus, too, was sent on an epic journey. His was a most difficult path. Yet he was about his Father’s business, praying all the way, “Your will, not mine, be done.” And we all know what God accomplished.
Ours is a journey of faith; His was a journey of ultimate faithfulness.
Time to go.
Peace be to you all,
Dr. Schuler

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