Day 11

Our travels are, for the most part, concluded. We are back home, or in a temporary placed we are calling home. I too joined in this aspect of the journey as I moved my office (part of it, at least) home and am fairly well settled by now.

From our scattered locations across the land, we are attempting to continue our educational task online (and finding out that home internet is not nearly as good as CSP internet, when the latter is working properly). I too had issues today with the wifi receiver on my desktop not functioning properly (replacement part of order from Amazon).

One student told me she missed seeing people’s faces (yes, we keep the video off to save bandwidth). I miss them, too. So, if you are getting a little bored, reach out through Google Hangouts or during my office hours ( We can use the video then!

JOurneys of AbramWhen Abram arrived in the land of Canaan (Gen 12:5), his journey was not over. His travels would take him through the land and down to Egypt and back. His journey had only just begun. To remind Abram that the Lord would stay with him, God appeared to Abram and repeated the promise (Gen 12:7). Abram built an altar and worshiped God. This part of the story reminds us of the reciprocal aspect of our journey.  God keeps repeating the promise and we keep worshiping God.

Admittedly, the worship part is a bit hard, with so many churches in virtual mode. But if Abram can build an altar, we can build connections with the faithful, even in these times.

Do so. It is part of the journey.
Cordially in Christ,

Dr. Schuler

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