Days 15-17


I pray that all of you are settled, safe, and spiritually supported as we enter into a seemingly dangerous part of this journey. Let’s keep in touch and keep supporting each other.

My weekend took a dramatic turn as I was called on to step in, preach, and produce the first recorded online service for the congregation of which I am a member — Jehovah Lutheran LCMS in St. Paul. It was the first time we would not meet together. With the help of four very talent people (Tim our organist, Libby our music director, her husband Bruce, and the other Dr. Schuler), we prepared the service, produced the digital product, and launched a new website We had a lesson from Abram of “building an altar” while on the journey.

These words from Gen 12 remind us of the need to attend to the spiritual side of life especially during these days. I hope you have reconnected with your church at home. I encourage you to drop in on daily chapel from CSP at Prof Lewis is holding an online session of Fridays. And I think I heard that 908 is active virtually as well.

Besides social distancing and washing your hands, putting yourself in God’s hands is part of the journey. Remember, those hand were pierced for you. And if you need a reminder, Holy Week is one week away.

Peace to you,

Dr. Schuler

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