Day 51 (end of the journey)

Oaks of MamreGen 13:18 — Abram moved his tent, and came and settled by the oaks of Mamre. which are at Hebron.

After a long journey, including a side trip to Egypt and intra family squabbles, Abram reached the end of his journey. He settled in the land that God had promised him. His travels were over.
Grades are due tomorrow at noon. That deadline marks the end of the spring semester at Concordia Saint Paul.
We have traveled far these last weeks, shifting our learning online, returning to home, working out new ways of living and learning. I commend you for your efforts. But most of all I commend you for your faith in God who has been with you all the way. At the end of his journey, Abram built an altar to the Lord. Consider how you might give thanks now that this journey is done.
This is the final of these irregular email messages. We now turn our attention to the summer. And at CSP, we will be preparing for the fall with the sincere hope that we might be together again.
May God be with you this summer and through all of life’s journeys, as God was with Abram every step of the way.
Peace be to you,
Dr. Schuler

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