Day 46

At jounrey's end

Abram had come a long way and his journey was almost over. You, too, have traveled far and are almost at the end of this unpredictable journey/semester. I pray you finish well, and, as did Abram, “call on the name of the Lord” (verse 4).

While Abram would settle, matters were not settled for him. God has promised a child, but there was no child. And Abram worried (15:3). At the end of this semester, matters will not be settled for us either. The plan is to return to campus next fall, but the virus will determine our plans in the short term.
But as God was with Abram through the journey and the aftermath, God has promised to stay with us, too.  He keeps his promises. Abram had a son, and God sent his Son.
With promises in hand, we can keep going.
Peace be with you,
Dr. Schuler

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