Day 13

EO-2020EO-20-20 was issued in Minnesota today. Beginning at 11:59 pm on Friday, the Governor of Minnesota has ordered all residents of the state to “stay at home” (with some exceptions).

I expect that stores will be stripped over the next couple of days. It is a time of worry and potential strife.

Abram experienced strife between his household and that of Lot as they journeyed. And so they separated themselves from each other (Gen 13:9), an ancient version of social distancing!

And it was in that very context that God again reiterated his promises to Abram (Gen 13:15-16).

It is to the promises of God that we also cling in times of strife and separation. God always keeps God’s promises. The ultimate proof is Jesus.

No politician or government spokesperson can match that.

The Peace of Christ be with you,

Dr. Schuler

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