Day 35

When coming into the land, Lot and Abram went separate ways because they and their households could not live together. The land simply could not support them in close quarters. We have gone our separate ways, but for a different reason. The contagion makes us a danger to each other if we are too close. And how that has changed our lives.
I felt it during Holy Week. We worked so hard to create a sense of joy at the resurrection. But we were all in our own separate places. It takes a degree of creativity to find joy in this abnormal time.

Today, an example of that came my way via the other Dr.Schuler’s involvement in Jubilate, The director, Prof. Speer, shared a video for our time using the music of the “Hallelujah Chorus” by Friedrich Handel. Those of you in Jubilate have probably seen it. But I commend it to all of you.

We may be separate in our homes, but the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth! Here is joy, even in separation.
The peace of the risen Christ be with you,
Dr. Schuler 

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