Day 5


We have barely started this journey and I am already feeling old. After a couple of days of online classes, I think I realize why I am so tired. For almost 26 years I have taught face to face, so that much of the work comes naturally. But online teaching, especially of a course not designed to be taught online, does not come naturally. I have to think everything through and then ask, “What have I forgotten?” I feel old.

I am guessing that your experience is similar. You signed up for face to face classes. You know you learn best that way. But now for the sake of the health of friends, family, and neighbors, you are sitting in front of a computer asking, “Now, how does this work again?” And you are doing so after farewells to friends, packing, and a trip home. You, too, might be feeling a bit old.
But Abram was older than all of us (yes, even older than I am). When God said, “Go…”, “he departed.” I wonder if he was tired by day five. I wonder what he realized he forgot come day 5. I wonder if he felt old on day 5.
But God helped him along the way. God had made a promise and God keeps his promises. “By your seed all the families of the earth will be blessed” (Gen 12:3). And what a blessing came from Abram’s offspring, Jesus.
So when you are tired or confused or forgetful, remember Abram. Better, remember his Seed. And your journey will reach a blessed end.
Most cordially, 
Dr. Schuler

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