Day 4

Off we go . . . We are on the way . . . all curriculum (more or less) is now being delivered online at CSP as students head home. The news from national sources is becoming more dire. Community-acquired infections have been discovered in Minnesota. In some ways it is like being in a desert with a sandstorm brewing.

Abram, his wife Sarai, Lot, and their households still “set forth.” We are doing the same with the promises of God ringing in our ears.
All we have are the promises and the faith they elicit.

But actually, we have something more than did Abram. Someone else has made a journey for us and it started too in a desert.  For Him it was a place of temptation after His baptism. But from that desert He went on to teach, to do mighty things, to go to Jerusalem, and to die for us. Jesus went into that dark valley before us so that we need not fear any evil because he is with us (Psalm 23:4).

So we set off today in different directions and into virtual places. We embrace the journey by clinging to the hands of Jesus.

Most cordially,

Dr. Schuler

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