Day 20

How many more miles?

Ok, there is no book of Hezekiah in the Bible. There is a king by that name, but he never said anything about Abram. Still, as we approach the end of the third week of this journey we have growing sympathy for the child in the back seat of the car whining to its parents, “How many more miles?” There is no agreement among experts other than that the pandemic will be bad, take a long time, and we have no idea about the route back. This trip is no vacation!

But travel we must, even as did Abram; and trust we must, even as did Abram; and whine we will, even as did Abram (see Gen 15:2!).
But God stuck with Abram. And God kept promising, “Don’t be afraid, Abram, I am your shield” (Gen 15:1). After all, God had made a covenant with Abram (Gen 15:18).
But we have something better, a new covenant “in my blood,” said Jesus. It is a covenant unlike that with ancestors like Abram. For God writes it on our hearts (Jer 31:33).
So, “let not your hearts be troubled” (John 14:1) and maybe restrain the whining a bit.
Peace be with you,
Dr. Schuler

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