Day 25 (side trip)

JerusalemOur side trip during Holy Week follows in the footsteps of Jesus. The most famous part of his trip was yesterday . . the entry into Jerusalem (no social distancing then, or at any time during the Passover, as Jerusalem swelled from 40,000 to about 250,000). Do we even remember what being in a crowd is like?

Monday began a series of exchanges with religious leaders in the temple (see Matthew’s gospel for the details). They tried to trap Jesus; Jesus silenced them with Scripture and parables. As the conflict spiraled, it is not hard to see that a confrontation was brewing.
How different for us . . . no crowds . . . no speeches . .  only dueling trolls on the internet and who knows how many foreign groups are trying to muddy the waters. Very depressing . . . as I am sure it seemed for the followers of Jesus after the rush of Palm Sunday.
Still Jesus was about His Father’s business. God’s will was being enacted. And it would end in a way that no one would expect, early on Sunday.
That is the key for our journey, too. It is a dark week and will likely get darker. Death will seem to get the upper hand. But Sunday is coming . .. Easter Sunday!
Peace be with you,
Dr. Schuler

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