Day 29

[Personal lesson: trying to do too much means not everything gets done.]

right turn

The middle of Holy Week is relatively quiet. But on the night of the Passover meal — the purpose of the journey to Jerusalem — matters spiraled quickly … betrayal ,.. religious trial … political trial … crucifixion. Suddenly, on a Friday, the journey ends at a tomb hastily provided before sundown. 

Journeys, even side trips, are like that with sudden changes and unexpected endings. The end for Jesus was frightening and brutal and over so quickly. At least his mother and a couple of his friends were present (those dying right now from Covid-19 most often die alone).
We know as much about how our journey will end as did the disciples that Friday evening. They were in for quite a surprise just three days later. If God can do that, I have a feeling God has something joyous in store for you as well. Just hold back the “halleluia” a couple more days.
Peace be with you.
Dr. Schuler
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